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FastLink VPN
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We focus on improving the performance of VPNs and have gathered a large number of users seeking privacy and security with strong technical strength. With FASTLINK VPN, you can access any website in military-grade encryption, high-speed, secure barriers, and enjoy our most intimate customer support.

FastLink Overview

FastLink VPN is an excellent all-around VPN with a special emphasis on high performance, enabling it to appeal to users seeking privacy and security. It's not cheap, but you get value for money – high-speed, secure, covert access to any website and the most intimate customer support.

FastLink VPN's servers are located all over the world and offer a variety of options in popular locations, especially in the US. Our app is very easy to use and you can download, install and connect in a matter of minutes. The configurability that advanced users need can also be turned on in the settings page.

FastLink VPN also provides enough encryption strength, security protocols and other features to satisfy those who prioritize privacy and security in public Wi-Fi networks and home networks. The company's registration in Thailand is not subject to EU data regulations and is beyond US jurisdiction.

Contact information
Address: 2 Pacific Place, 21 St Floor 2107, 142 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei
Zip code: 10501
Email: vtech@v-tech.co.th

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